Michael Sheldon

Michael Sheldon (mike at mikeasoft dot com)

Free software. I'm a Free software advocate. I believe that I should be free to modify and share software for the benefit of myself and others.
Aberystwyth University I hold a PhD focusing on developmental robotics from Aberystwyth University. My thesis and a few papers can be found on the Research page.
Narrowboat I live aboard a narrowboat, cruising around the inland waterways of the UK.
Acoustic guitar I like to fiddle around with an acoustic guitar. I lack any formal training and my repertoire is pretty limited, but I enjoy it.
Drawing I like to draw, although I've still got a lot to learn.
Comedy I do terrible comedy things, both as a solo stand-up and as part of the Monkey Wedding sketch group.
Anxious Fox Videography I also offer pay-what-you-want videography services for comedians.